Hello there! I'm Jack, a London-based product design and development consultant with a 24-year track record of creating and founding products people love, with simplicity over complexity.

My expertise spans media production, sports, and publishing, and I've had the privilege of working alongside renowned brands such as Google, IBM, Air New Zealand, News UK, Tesco, and Whereby, as well as top-notch digital agencies. I offer hands-on consultancy and mentorship to technology teams, bridging the gap between business, design, and technology to breathe life into ideas.

Say hello

If you'd like to work with me 📸 or meet my dog Rocket 🚀 please contact me at hello@thingsthat.com. Or you can stalk me on... LinkedIn, and Github.

You can visit me at my London space at Somerset House Exchange, Strand, London WC2R 1LA. I'm also a member of BIMA and a fellow of the RSA.